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Profits and Income Comparison

3RSystems, LLC contractor insurance claims process training Vs typical insurance claim process training.  

Using the same advanced insurance claims process training methodology I use to train contractors across the country, I moved the above underpaid or denied insurance company final settlement offers from $72,500 to $270,214 - all without delay, without appraiser or PA involvement and without the insured's having to take legal action. 

Increase in profit on the seven jobs combined = $90,000 (repeat four times per year = $360,000 in additional profit).  Money saved/preserved by not involving a PA = $27,214 (repeat four times per year = $108,856 in money saved/preserved).  Additional product orders to my roofing and related building products distributor = $62,279 (repeat four times per year = $249,116 in additional roofing product distributor orders from one contractor).  Multiplied x 10,000 contractors = $2,491,160,000 BILLION in additional products ordered over one year period.   

Here's what one of my contractor customers had to say about 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© 

"Soon after ordering and studying the program I was able to increase an insurance adjuster’s estimate from $34,000 to $71,000. Borrow the money if you have to, get this program and you'll make it back on one deal, probably double your income too." Jay Gomez, Jay's Roofing and Siding, Bozeman, MT

Jay's profit Return on Investment (ROI) on just his first job after applying what he learned from the program?  4,440% or 44 + times what he paid for the program!

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