How To Take Control Of The Insurance Claims Playing Field”

- Cutting Through the Insurance Claims Red Tape -

Presented by Larry Burtis - President




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Coming to Minneapolis, MN in October 2021


The insurance restoration construction industry is at a historical crossroads.  Now more than ever, P&C insurance is doing everything they can to keep their payouts on your insured property owner customers legitimate property damage insurance claims to a bare minimum and prevent you as a contractor from being able to help them through the claims process in any meaningful way.  With this 3 part presentation, you will learn about and learn how to combat the numerous and nefarious schemes and methods that P&C insurance employs to achieve their goal of increased profits and increased market control, all at the expense of their all too trusting policyholders.  You will also learn how to, not just level the insurance claims playing field but rather, take control of it.       



Part 1


What is UPPA?  As noted plaintiff's Attorney John Houghtaling put it to several thousand contractors a couple of years ago at the Win The Storm conference in Las Vegas, NV, "If you don't know what UPPA is, you need to know!"  So, why do you need to know about UPPA and what’s behind it?  Besides the fact that a violation of UPPA law could land you as a contractor in jail and cost you a substantial fine, lack of familiarity with and understanding of UPPA law is costing you and your companies, as well as your roofing and related building product manufacturers and distributors, hundreds of millions of dollars, in toto, every year, in missed building product sales to your customers. 

In pulling back the UPPA curtain as I do in this presentation, I reveal much of the what, where, why and who behind UPPA, which I refer to as one of the biggest financial scams ever perpetrated against the American insurance buying public, and reveal solutions to the problem that I believe will bring about real reform.  As the solutions to the UPPA problem are revealed to you as contractors, you will become empowered with a new perspective and confidence that will help you to remove P&C insurance’s UPPA hands from around your business necks, help you to better help your insured customers achieve the kind of results that more closely resemble the promises made to them by their P&C insurance company’s, and help you to defeat the UPPA "Giant" and give it a proper burial.     



Part 2


In Part 2 of the presentation, from the first restoration contractor insurance claims process training program in the country and the only one that teaches the claims process from a three dimensional construction, insurance/investment, and legal perspective - 3RSystems, LLC's 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© - A TO Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR RESTORATION CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS, I will cover some of the key essential elements, mindsets, and strategies unknown to most contractors, that will, when what you will learn is applied, help advance you and your company to a top level position in the restoration construction industry and help you to indeed, take control of the insurance claims playing field. 

What you will learn from Part 2 will completely change your perspective on the restoration insurance claims process which will then allow you to maximize your company’s property damage restoration company profits & income, go from P&C insurance industry standard low ball pricing to top dollar, real, true, and accurate (RTA) pro contractor free market pricing, get paid for additional and legitimate line items that most contractors never think to charge for and move your customers insurance paid property damage claims from "filed to final" in minimum time.  In most cases, you’ll be able to achieve that goal with 100% properly calculated GC O&P, without supplementing, and without costly and time consuming insured initiated appraiser, PA, or attorney involvement. 


Included in Part 2 of the presentation

What is General Contractor Overhead and Profit (GC O&P)?

How to properly calculate for GC O&P?  (not @ "10 & 10")

How to secure and MAXimize GC O&P on your customers claims

Making the point to desk adjusters with the 3RS "O&P Statement"

The "insurance industry standard" estimating program Vs 3RStimax© 

XM8 - Shooting yourself in the foot with the P&C insurance industry's gun?

The 3RS Adjuster/Engineer Questionnaire/Report (with fraud warning)

How and why credibility beats sales ability everytime

The 3RS "Top Down Approach" to the claims process

What is "Concious Avoidance" and the "Doctrine of Privity"?

What is and how to avoid getting caught in the "Badger Trap"

How to light a fire under the behinds of slow pay lost draft processors"

Contingencies Vs Contracts, which is better and why?

The 3RSystems, LLC "Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide"

"Cost +" estimates Vs "Lump Sum" quotes - which makes more sense?

How to arrive at real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market line item pricing

The 3RS "Pre-Appraisal" process - from "Filed to Final"

and much more...



Part 3


Part 3 will be an introduction to the American Policyholder Association (APA) which is a non-profit 501c(4) watchdog organization that promotes integrity, honesty, and best practices in the property loss adjustment sector of the property & casualty insurance industry.  APA membership consists of policyholders, consumer advocates, law enforcement and regulatory agencies, restoration contractors, appraisers, public adjusters, insureds plaintiff's attorneys, and related others from across the country.  

In this section of the presentation, you will learn how the American Policyholder Association (APA) is changing the insurance claims restoration paradigm into a powerful new model that truly protects and preserves the rights and interests of insured policyholders, in other words, your insured property owner customers, by effectively holding P&C insurance industry representatives and their third party adjusters, engineers, and related others, criminally accountable for the harm caused to insured policyholders by them.   You will also learn how, in benefiting the policyholders we all work for and serve first, we all benefit ourselves and our companies in ways never before imagined.    



About the presenter, Larry Burtis

As President and founder of Minneapolis, Minnesota based 3RSystems, LLC, I bring to the table 40 years of hands on, retail and insurance restoration construction industry experience - from installations to sales to company ownership to contractor insurance claims process trainer, + 20 years of concurrent in depth insurance/investment industry experience where, as president of 3RS Wealth Creation Systems, my financial advice was sought out by leaders of some of the country’s most well known companies.  I am a board advisor with the American Policyholder Association (APA) and recipient of the 2020 American Policyholder Association Consumer Advocacy Leadership Award, an associate member of the Contractors Association of Minnesota (CAM), and founder of Independent Construction Contractors of America (ICCOA).  Along with the experience already mentioned, I have also amassed, with the help and support of several supreme court justices and others over the years, a winning Pro Se (self representation) record against high profile law firms and their attorneys in complex legal disputes involving various government and multi-million to billion dollar corporate entities and individuals. 

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At the end of the presentation, each paid contractor attendee will receive a full and complete copy of 3RSystems, LLC's powerful and proven 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© A to Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR RESTORATION CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS which includes a FREE licensed for life 3RStimax© construction industry standard retail/restoration property damage estimating program that can be used as either "Cost +" estimates or "Lump Sum" quotes. 

All of the above paid in full with no appraiser or PA involvement and no legal action


You will also receive within your 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© package, a $500 discount certificate on a 3RSystems, LLC private, one day in house "A Pound of Silver or An Ounce of Gold?" restoration contractor and sales rep training program personally presented and taught by 3RSystems, LLC President, Larry Burtis.  


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The best scenerio for any insured property owner with damage is to get their claim fairly and fully paid without having to involve an appraiser, PA, or attorney.  However, 3RSystems, LLC recognizes that there are those situations where the only option available to some insureds may be to bring an appraiser, PA, or qualified plaintiff's attorney into the claim.  When that is the case, 3RSystems, LLC recommends that contractors refer their customers to vetted appraisers or PA's or qualified plaintiff's attorneys who are also American Policyholder Association (APA) members.  The American Policyholder Association (APA) does not hold a position on UPPA or 3RSystems, LLC.


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