In case you haven’t heard or noticed, the restoration construction industry is, in deed and in fact, at a historical crossroads.  UPPA, MRP’s, inadequate contractor and contractor sales rep insurance claims process training, and increasing insurer bad faith and fraud committed against far too many of your insured policyholder customers, are, among other things, seriously threatening the future viability and profitability of your and tens of thousands of other restoration contractors businesses from across the country.  

The above is also costing you and your roofing and related building product distribution companies, in toto, hundreds of millions of dollars in missed annual roofing and related building product sales to the ultimate end buyers of those products – insured property owners.  That being the case, you have a serious decision to make.  Will you commit to learning how to turn your restoration business around and take back control of the insurance claims process, or, will you stand by and do nothing and be left behind while your fellow restoration construction contractors take the lead into a new and more prosperous future? 


3RSystems, LLC presents

"The Restoration Construction Industry at a Crossroads - The New Restoration Industry Paradigm"  

Regardless of your current position in the restoration construction industry, your years of experience, or your annual insurance paid restoration project sales, after your attendance at a 3RSystems, LLC "The Restoration Construction Industry at a Crossroads - The New Restoration Industry Paradigm" presentation, you will know more about the restoration insurance claims process than 98% of all restoration construction contractors in the country and your sales numbers and per job profit increases will show it.  That also holds true for building product distributors - from their CEO's on down, who schedule presentations at their branch offices on behalf of their valued contractor customers.  The three key parts to the presentation are as follows:


Part 1  -  "Unpacking the UPPA Conundrum – An Ex-Contractors Perspective"

If you don't know about UPPA - most restoration contractors don't and the few that do have only a vague understanding of it, you need to know about it and how much it negatively affects and threatens your restoration construction businesses future viability.  As the country’s leading expert on Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) law and the who, what, why, and where behind it, in Unpacking the UPPA Conundrum – An Ex-Contractors Perspective, I reveal, from my perspective as an ex-contractor, ex-insurance/investment advisor and winning Pro Se litigator, the truth behind UPPA law and why I believe UPPA law to be the #1 threat to the future viability of the restoration construction industry.  I then tear down the specious and disingenuous “consumer protection” arguments in favor of UPPA put forth by its proponents and in doing so, expose UPPA as one of the biggest financial scams ever perpetrated against the American insurance buying public.  I also reveal the annual multi-billion dollar financial costs of UPPA law to building product distributors, their contractor customers (you), and their insured property owner customers, then reveal what I believe we can to together to effectively defeat the UPPA “Giant” and give it a proper burial.


Part 2  -  3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©

 A to Z property damage insurance claims process training for restoration construction contractors – How to help your customers get their insurance companies to pay for all the damage and help you to MAXimize your profits and income.

In 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©, by way of the construction, insurance/investment and legal perspectives that only 3RSystems, LLC can and does teach, restoration contractors and their sales reps learn how to take control of the playing field when dealing with insurance company paid adjusters and engineers who are far too often, more concerned with keeping their P&C insurance company employers happy than with properly assessing property damage.  Following the advanced and proven 3RS Profit MAX contractor insurance claims process model, 3RS Profit MAX trained contractors and their sales reps are empowered to better achieve maximum and legitimate per job profits and income for themselves and their companies, achieve maximum and legitimate indemnification for their insured property owner customers, and do both within a minimum amount of time.


Part 3  -  The American Policyholder Association (APA)

Not that long ago, contractors and their insured policyholder customers had no one they could really turn to for meaningful help when their customers P&C insurance companies decided to play the delay, deny, defend game with their insured policyholders on their property damage insurance claims.  That all changed however, with the introduction of the American Policyholder Association (APA) in July of 2018 whose stated mission is to bring back fairness and equity into the property damage insurance claims process and, through our own in house Special Investigations Unit (SIU), seek prosecution of anyone from the P&C insurance industry side who might unwisely choose to, through fraudulent criminal actions, get in the way of achieving that goal.  As an APA member, instead of standing alone when your customers insurance companies, their adjusters and their engineers start playing their usual deny, delay, defend games, you’ll be joined with other like-minded restoration industry professionals from around the country, who are, as members of the American Policyholder Association (APA), changing the insurance claims process paradigm into a powerful new model that, in benefiting the policyholders we all work for and serve first, benefits all of us in ways never before imagined.      


Note to all USA restoration construction contractors: 

3RSystems, LLC is now actively promoting fee free "The Restoration Construction Industry at a Crossroads - The New Restoration Industry Paradigm" presentations to roofing and related building product distributors throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas of Minnesota and urging them to, on your behalf and for your and their mutual benefit, schedule presentations at their branch offices.  If your favorite building products distributor has not yet informed you that a presentation is scheduled, call them and ask when they intend to do so.  Each presentation is about one and one-half hours followed by a question and answer session.    

3RSystems, LLC will also present anywhere within the USA on a fee basis paid by the building product distributor who requests such presentation.  A business card drawing will be held at those events in which one of a minimum of at least ten contractors in attendance will receive a free copy of the 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© Restoration Construction Contractor Insurance Claims Process Training program.  

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