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3RS If, Then / From Filed to Final© claims protocols

No insured property owner who suffers wind, hail, flood or other storm damage should ever have to wait for months after their claim has been filed to procure a final - real, true and accurate (RTA) claim settlement offer because of claims delays, denials and underpayments resulting from the questionable and/or intentional actions of independent and staff insurance adjusters, in house claims managers and insurance company paid forensic engineers.  3RSystems, LLC's new "3RS If, Then / From Filed to Final"© claims protocols, birthed at the recent "Nashville Summit" where renowned Hurricane Sandy plaintiffs attorney John Houghtaling introduced our group to the newly formed American Policyholder Association (APA), will help contractors, public adjusters and plaintiffs attorneys across the country to shorten the "filed to final" claims settlement process  and, in conjunction with the APA, bring justice and fairness to insured's whose legitimate property damage claims have been unjustly delayed, denied and underpaid by their insurance companies.

If you have insured property owner customers who have suffered wind and hail, tornado, flood or other storm damage to their property and they need help with their claim or need a referral to a 3RSystems, LLC trained Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC)™ contractor or a public adjuster or attorney in your area because you believe an insurance adjuster, insurance company claims manager or insurance company paid forensic engineer has unfairly denied or attempted to underpay your property damage insurance claim, feel free to contact 3RSystems, LLC through the contact page of this site.  As an alternative or in conjunction with, you may want to also share your concerns with, report suspected insurance company fraud to, and become a member of the  American Policyholder Association (APA).